Vivitrol Medication for Alcohol Addiction and Relapse Prevention Treatment

Do you experience any of the following issues:

  • Struggling to stay off Alcohol?
  • Cravings killing you?
  • Are you tired of inpatient programs or group therapies?
  • Have other methods failed?

Here is an FDA approved medication for the prevention of Alcohol Relapse, it is called Vivitrol.

Vivitrol is a monthly injection, and will help stop the cravings for alcohol.  Treatment with this medicine, along with customized counseling, can help you stay sober.

No Groups, No Inpatient

Here is what to expect during your treatment at The Mind and Body Clinic.

Consultation and Treatment Plan:
To get sober and to stay sober are the challenges with alcohol.  We take this perspective in creating a well-designed treatment plan, assisted by the latest Vivitrol medication techniques. At the Mind and Body Clinic, we help you start and maintain your long-term journey:  to stay sober and to prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention Treatment

Relapse Prevention:
We also assist with aftercare and monitoring, and we are here to provide you the necessary support to keep you on your goal to stay sober.


If you have insurance our office will file to get you covered.  If you are paying out of pocket, the cost is $1,350.00 per injection.  Alternatively, we can prescribe the oral Naltrexone which you can obtain from the pharmacy.  The cost is about $50.00 per month.



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