Houston Suboxone Doctor for Opiate or Pain Killer Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Control Withdrawals, No Groups, No Inpatient

If you have tried unsuccessfully to fight your addiction with any (or all) of these methods:

  • Quit Cold Turkey
  • Tried Group Therapy
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Methadone (legalized opiate addiction) Therapy

Now, here is the ultimate solution.  Houston Suboxone Doctors Discount Card
Suboxone Treatment.

Suboxone Helps Control:

  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Cravings

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Here is what to expect during your recovery process at the Mind and Body Clinic:

Detox Consultation:
Your initial visit, the detox consultation, will be a caring and comprehensive interview.

If indicated, Suboxone treatment can be started right away. Once started, you will be carefully monitored during the detox process.  For the first 24 hours your physician will be in touch with you by phone.

Stabilization Phase:
Next, you will be evaluated within 1 week to determine the monthly stabilization dose.

Each session during and after stabilization will be dedicated to exploring the underlying factors that led to the addiction.  Frequently, patients who have substance dependence, have an underlying psychiatric condition that led to the addiction.  These conditions, if untreated, can most likely lead to relapse.

Relapse Prevention Treatment

Relapse Prevention:
Now, your drug-free life turns to preventing a relapse.  A relapse prevention program, along with ongoing support is the long-term solution.  It is important that your treatment with Suboxone is maintained according to your individual needs to help prevent relapse.  If you have any concerns, you are instructed to make immediate contact with us to help avoid any relapse issues.

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