Wafaa Farag PsychiatristWafaa Farag, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founder and Clinic Director

Dr. Wafaa Farag has over 20 years experience as a practicing physician.  She uses a diverse, holistic approach to mental disorders.  She incorporates different approaches in treatment, including:

  • Natural Remedies whenever possible
  • Hypnosis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • The Latest Medical Management Techniques

Dr. Farag completed her training in Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Medical College of Pennsylvania, and special training in addiction and substance abuse treatment.

In addiction and substance abuse treatment she not only detoxes the patient, but also addresses the underlying psycho-social factors that led to dependence.

Nurse Thomas of the Houston Mind and Body Rehab ClinicMargaret Thomas, RN, LPC

Nurse Thomas graduated in February 2002 from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Psychology and Sociology. She later obtained a Master of Arts in Psychology in 2005, leading to her license in Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Additionally, she earned a “Certificate of Christian Counseling” from the Biblical Life Skills Institute.

Prior to working in the field of Christian Counseling, she worked for 34 years in nursing. Many of these years also included dealing with a wide array of therapy related life issues.

Her approach to counseling is from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective integrated with relevant Biblical principles. This allows clients to see how belief systems impact thoughts, emotions, and relationships. She then helps with the necessary identification of unhealthy beliefs that keep clients stuck both emotionally and relationally. Her goal is to provide a service that will educate, equip, encourage and empower the client to meet their goal in therapy by daily application to promote wholeness.

Areas of focus range from depression, grief/loss, conflict resolution, fear/anxiety, stress management, marital concerns, and spirituality.

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